Who is “Him”..

Him.. Who is He? I am so glad that you asked. He has many aliases. He goes by many names. He is known under many titles. Few haven’t heard of Him. Some don’t believe in Him. Others refute His existence. The rest are indifferent.

Rapha. Tsaba. Alpha. Omega. First. Last. Beginning. End. Provider. Father. Jireh. Tsidkenu. Abba. Adonai. Elohim. Jehovah. Shalom. Immanuel. Mekoddiskem. Friend. Captain. Lover. Creator. Almighty.

Just to name a few.. A Harvard vocabulary couldn’t fully describe who He truly is. Follow me on this journey as I get to know Him in a deeper way. All of Him. In all His splendor. In all of His majesty. In all of His ways. He is Lord.


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