Reiterate Salvation

Redefine the lines…blurred? Maybe. That’s why you are here. Your earthly arrangement wasn’t meant for you to fit in. Evolve. Move. Create. Verb your way through this life. It takes your effort to unbecome what you were taught to be. If it doesn’t fit the bill…release it. If it is contrary to the Roadmap…diminish its worth. Define yourself according to the Roadmap. Daily unwind with the meaning between the lines…insight given by Holy Spirit…not watered down with relationship steps to achieve a plateau of happiness. There are many steps to greatness but the ultimate step is the first one you take. Risk it all. Reward is right on the edge. 
Reiterate salavtion. What does it look like to you? Pick it up. Dust it off. Try again. Salvation is free. 


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