Him: WYD 

Me: OMW to the airport.. About to catch a flight to Andalusia with my Husband for our honeymoon…

The heart of the matter is that some men won’t realize how much value a woman possesses until you’re boarding a flight to Spain with your new husband. 

He’ll get it. 

He’ll be egoistical while saying that he had you physically, mentally and emotionally, but he’ll get it. 

He’ll have silent bouts of depression from hating himself for not being mature enough to make that move you deserved, but he’ll get it.

He’ll find ways to belittle you on social media either directly or indirectly, but he’ll get it. 

His Instagram will have flashes of subtle emotional rhetoric about how he lost you and how his pride hates that he can’t have you now that you belong to someone else. 

But, again..he’ll get it

See, what he didn’t understand is that while he was still playing games with your life, you hid the best part of you in Christ. He was too shallow to see the tears you cried in worship. He was too naive to see that the prayers you prayed changed your inner-life. He didn’t know that your understanding of discernment kept you from indulging too deeply.

When he got a glimpse of who you really were he thought that you were too deep so you gave him surface. He was too ignorant and fleshly to realize that you were actually being guided by the Spirit of a living God….right into the arms of a man with a well that never runs dry. He didn’t know how familiar you were with Jesus. Ha! He even thought that you didn’t know Him at all let alone be massively in love with Him. That was the beginning of his unfortunate demise in your life. 

He himself didn’t know Christ because to think a thought to be true about someone else it has to be truth to your inner workings. How could he believe that you didn’t know Christ when the evidence was there? Your skin was clearer, your communication was purer and your actions were virtuous. 

He was still lost. And as a nurturing woman you decided not to take on the responsibility of helping him get it. Why? Because you finally got it. 

You began to understand that WYD is not enough to hold your attention. Your worth became valuable to you. Your identity was found in the One who created your beauty. Your cares was so far cast that you were floating on a cloud. 

Him: WYD?

Me: No longer wasting time..

He finally got it..as you travelled to the uttermost parts of the world with a man so in tune with your Father that he never had to ask WYD..

“Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?”

‭‭Amos‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭NLT‬‬



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