Phatic Muse

It was only on the surface that you found me pretending that there was nothing deeper. The unseen has its way of working the edges long enough to be seen. It made its way to the top. Uncovering years of faces that changed for everyone. No one person knew the same person. Everyone had met someone different. She pretended to be someone that everyone knew, yet she didn’t even know herself. She was phatic, to say the least.

Only giving surface answers and general purpose responses. She was her own muse. Relishing in the fact that no one knew and most times she didn’t know that she was pretending. The faces started running together and she started to forget which face belonged to who. She had created a facade for everyone she encountered. But then…He came along. He saw beyond the surface of her disguises. He met her at the well of her existence. The place of her hiding. It was deep. The well. It was the water within that made her clean.

No more pretending. No more faces. Just one name that had been changed. No longer was she thirsty but had a true thirst for Him..


2 thoughts on “Phatic Muse

  1. … and held her by her hand to take her to the place she was destined to be before creation Yea o yea, the journey had just begun. And with a sigh of relief she looks back and is thankful that she took this road; the road less taken.

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