For the Individual

Panda in a rogue. Black and white. No gray. It was what you saw that became what you got.Respect for it? It respected you enough to make you start over, and over, and over, it was conscious and decisions had to be made. It made them for you. It became your thoughts. It became your dwelling place. It became your address and lived under your roof wreaking havoc. It was sent to destroy lives and the justice that is to be served will cost it everything that you went through.

Steal. Kill. Destroy. That’s what it came to do. It, however, is powerless. It has no authority. It has been deemed an impenetrable force that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Only in the realm of the supernatural can it be found, dismantled and destroyed. Take it upon yourself, the individual, to wreak havoc on what was sent to lay you to waste. You make the first move. It is only then that you can make change. You must see that there is more for you to do. You must know that the ball is in your court. There has to be internal turnaround…true only comes when the internal war is won. The battlefield? Your mind..

Individual…take responsibility for your actions.



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