Anarchy. No order. No governmental rule. No one to reign. That meant no military force to protect me. Open to invasion. It was a terrorist attack against my soul. Missiles fired. Shots rang out everywhere. Hand grenades blew off the limbs of my tomorrow at the detonation of depression and despair. I was as a lone soldier wounded in battle. A rouge.

The tumultuous alarms rang aloud all about the quarters of my mind. I was deeply disturbed in the realms of my existence. Dark. Lonely. Feeble was the place that not one could find rest. It was beyond chaotic. It was coerced menacing defeat. It was taunted and demeaning. Black and blue was the best of it. It was cold and unsure. It was lead astray and never to be brought back to life. My thoughts. My thoughts in the deepest root of my longing were cold. Bruised.

It wasn’t until I met Him. He spoke so clearly to my wasted space. He filled my idleness with a sense of urgency. He came to the rescue of thoughts askew. It was Him that caused me to rest and my racing overthinking to come to an end. He made me subjugate my need to think it through over and over and over and over and over again until somehow I found a way to talk myself out of the greatest feat of my life. Not anymore. He came and ransomed me and freed me from the captivity of my mind. Slavery was abolished when He stepped in and released the shackles from my dendrons and cause my synapses to hyper create. I am free. Because of Him. I am free. Selah


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