Silent Chaos

It wasn’t long before I was introduced to her, a face that I had seen many times, but didn’t recognize. Nightly cries of desperation filled her heart as she frantically moved about. She was trying to hide behind the art of getting things done in a hurry, but not with decency or order. She was quite accustomed to her way and very familiar with what was her normalcy .

She didn’t think it was a problem, let along that there was a need for change. She waged war in her mind with the strongholds that wanted to stay. Complacency was her portion when it should have been contentment. Dysfunction was her address when it should have been peace. Intimidated by excellence…nauseated by order…silent chaos erupted into an era of loneliness…hopelessness…anxiety…

She was unsure of herself because of the war going on between the walls of her ears and the gates of her eyes. Silently she drifted…deeper and deeper into the abyss… Chaos was her portion and everything was out of order. She thought it to be fine because everything was clean and washed. Not so. She was a shivering mess of dirty clothes and unwashed hair. She couldn’t find peace and riddled with depression.

Then it happened.. she was uprooted and thrust in to the unfamiliar…a place that she had never seen, let alone been. She was free…released from Egypt…in the land of milk and honey..but does she realized that she is free and chaos is no longer her portion?


To be continued…


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