It Was Me

That’s when I woke up and was awakened… Wondering what I’m talking about? The day that I realized I was the problem was the day that I began to live. It was the day that I took responsibility for what was happening in my life. I analyzed. I compensated. I over-thought. I blamed. I took responsibility. I changed.

It was me all along. Friendships. Family. Relationships. It was me. I was the culprit and didn’t know it. I was full of sabotage. I was full of hatred. I was full of anger. I was full of disgust. Malice..strife..disrespect..and the list goes on. I was. I have been redeemed and redemption has become my portion. I have come to my senses and am no longer the same. I wrestle with the thorn in my flesh and die daily. I acknowledge my desperate need for a savior.

I am mature. I am walking in a holiness seeking the Kingdom of God and His rulership in my life. I am unashamedly walking in love and not looking back. It was me. But I am no longer that person. I am no longer angry. I no longer cut people off  and forget they ever existed. I am not the same. I am free. I am whole. I am no longer the culprit of my demise. It was me.



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